The HeARThstone Project is synonymous with family, community, safety and gathering, hence the name. This project is rooted in the belief that art can, and does, change lives; and that in collaboration with their communities; art museums can be significant partners in the creation of safe neighborhoods; help build community ownership and be a force in improving educational performance.

HeARThstone programs include community-based learning opportunities, such as the Middle School Summer Arts Camp (MSSAC), and signature events, such as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, as well as activities in conjunction with special exhibitions and our permanent collection.

The HeARThstone Project offers students the opportunity to learn twenty-first-century skills in creative practices, critical thinking, and technology, and will offer places for multigenerational community members to gather. By providing greater access to artists and art-making in the Allentown community, we will increase the Museum’s positive impact and become a bridge between community partners, residents in the Neighborhood Improvement Zone, and the Allentown Promise Neighborhood.

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The HeARThstone Project is supported by the generosity of the Harry C. Trexler Trust.