At the Allentown Art Museum, our mission is to bring the power of art to the community and the vibrancy of the community into art.

For eighty-five years the Allentown Art Museum has stimulated minds, provided important art education and outreach activities, and amassed an exceptional collection for the benefit of all. Now, we’re expanding on these essential roles and amplifying our efforts. We’re offering inventive programs, extraordinary experiences and enhanced exhibitions that offer fresh perspectives, energize and empower visitors, and encourage more personal participation.

We strive to be an inclusive regional resource that uses arts and culture as a catalyst to drive interaction, education, experimentation and social change, and offering exhibitions and programs that inspire, teach, engage and transform our Valley— one person, one idea at a time.

The Museum offers tremendous variety and quality in our collections and exhibitions, educational programs, and public events. We serve more than one hundred thousand visitors each year, of whom more than fourteen thousand are children in school programs. Our collection of more than nineteen thousand works of art offers the opportunity to experience nearly 2,000 years of cultural heritage in an accessible, visitor-friendly environment.